Thursday, July 21, 2011

E Books

      Reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Even when I was younger, other kids used to make comments about how I always had a book with me and was reading during any free moment in school. One time, I finished my book and started to read the dictionary! It is my hope to facilitate a similar passion for reading to my students. 

      One method of sharing a love of reading is to incorporate ebooks in to my lessons. The students LOVE them because they think they are like videos and it occasionally gives me a few extra minutes to prep for the next activity- or assist a child in changing his/her wet clothes. There are quite a few great website that offer FREE ebooks. Here are some tried and true favorites and a few new site I recently discovered:

1. Tumblebooks- This is my absolute favorite. Our district subscribes for us, so I don't know about membership costs, but whatever it is- I promise it is worth it! I use the 'ebooks for ekids' and there are tons of great picture books and chapter books listed. Almost all of the picture books are narrated and easily relate to our weekly themes. Some books are listed in English and French or Spanish and often offer coinciding games as a follow-up activity for the students.
2. Barnes and Noble- I just recently discovered this FREE site, but can't imagine how I've never used this before! Each month they feature a new picture book that is read by authors and celebrities!
3.Starfall- These books are great for early readers and FREE. There are books that can be connected to every literacy skill and the games are fun for the students too!

Off to see Harry Potter part 2- I'll add more soon!


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