Saturday, September 3, 2011

Classroom Tour

Starting the year off with an organized and open classroom is so important!  It makes the room feel welcoming and provides an atmosphere that is motivating to work in during the day. With this in mind, I spent a lot of time this summer thinking about how to arrange my classroom. I even made a little diagram and would rearrange the paper shelves and tables while watching movies. (Jasper tried to help too by batting at the little pieces.) Yet, not matter how I moved the pieces, it didn't seem 'perfect'. It always ended up with me wishing I had 'just another foot over here or wanting the vent a little more to the left'. But, I'm glad to say that I LOVE the end result! I'm also in LOVE with my OWL theme this year! (I bet you would have never guessed!) Here's a quick tour of my WONDERFUL classroom!

 This is the view of my door. I post print-outs of SMARTboard lessons that we do in the classroom on the SMARTboard in the hall for everyone to see our technology activities! I clip artwork to the little owls in the hall.
 View of the room from the front door. The students will sign in at the easel and the mailboxes are right next to it. Our Word Wall is in the back and we will be putting letters on it during the first week of class.
 This is the view directly to the right of the door. I decided to put Dramatic Play near the cubbies to keep the 'fun' centers close to each other. I got the red wardrobe at a yard sale a few years ago. It houses my math games and manipulatives.
 This is the right side of the room. The red table will be the Art Center. The brown table beside Dramatic Play is our water table.
 This is to the left of the door. I wanted to have a lot of room to post words and writing activities for my Writing Center. My bucket filler board is to the side.

 It's so important to be able to see every student from all angles. This is the view from my desk at the back of the room.
This is our carpet and literacy center area. To the right is the SMARTboard and document camera.

 The reading area is new this year- and it's my favorite part! I have a few things to add to the center, but wanted everything to be open when parents came to the Open House. I'm also going to have the students read the room/poems here.


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